Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year's Eve

There's no need to even think about what to do or where to go on New Year's Eve. It's always been - and always will be - my parent's house. 
It's a quiet night, spent with family, and the only place I would ever consider venturing off too for the evening, into the early morning hours of New Year's day. 

I didn't get many photos. We went pajama-clad and did some karaoke and pictionary, but mostly laid low to end the year. It was absolutely perfect and I wouldn't change one single thing. 

 All the kids lasted well into the night, and there was no problem keeping them up to watch the ball drop. 
When the countdown starts, there's always at least one person with a phone up to countdown with someone on the other side. "3 - 2- 1...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!" Everyone makes their way around the room giving and receiving hugs and kisses. Another year of  memories, and a new one full-swing ahead to celebrate.

I couldn't be more thankful for a family like mine to celebrate year after year with.
 There really is no other way to end the year.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Harper Christmas

Today was officially the last Christmas celebration of the year. 
We hung out all day just being lazy, and then we headed to mom and dad's for our Harper Christmas dinner. 
My mom put it on again this year, and it was perfect. I didn't get too many photos, but Aunt Jan spoiled the kids - yet again, and everyone stuffed themselves with turkey, ham, and multiple side dishes. 

 Christmas 2016, that's a wrap!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas night

Round 2. 
We got to my parent's house around 8 and everyone was waiting on us to start opening gifts! 

 Everyone's gifts were so thoughtful, and the homemade gifts were a hit once again. 
We came home with some homemade salad dressing, maple syrup, and a pinecone wreath.
We gave everyone some fresh honey from my hive. 😃

 The kids all got spoiled like always. Gracie said her gift was her favourite yet. She got a backpack full of explorer things. Walkie talkies, compass, swiss army knife, flashlight. She loved it, and can't wait to go on a proper adventure in the spring.

 We (all of us siblings) opened our gifts together because we all got the same thing. A weekend away to the Smokie Mountains! It's a five bedroom, five bathroom house with a hot tub, a theatre room, and a game room. Mom and dad will keep the kids for the weekend while we go. They may regret that part of the gift. 😜 We were not expecting anything like that. We're really looking forward to it!

Another late night for everyone, but I wouldn't have it any other way! It was a perfect day. Starting with Matt's family, having an amazing dinner, and coming home and finishing the night at my parents.
Another memorable Christmas is in the books!

Christmas Day and Dinner

 The kids had a good night's sleep and slept in a bit. My mom and dad came over in the morning to see what Santa brought, and then we had to hit the road to Matt's mom's. We picked up Gram, and I tested out my new camera in van.

  Gift opening is nuts! There's kids all over the place opening up a different gift every time I look at them, and it's hard to keep up! 

 Everyone was spoiled.
 Next was dinner! My favourite part. It's always delicious and leaves us full for the rest of the night.

 We hung out for a while recovering from dinner fullness, and then headed home for round two at mom and dad's.

Of course we had dessert and coffee first. :)