Friday, December 16, 2016

gingerbread house

First thing in the morning I took Ben and Hailey into the doctors. Mentioned in my last post, they both came home with antibiotics, and our school day consisted of half the work it usually does. But, since there was a gingerbread house kit on the counter just waiting to be made, I figured this would be a great day for it. 

 I'm always impressed how well these four co-operate. They don't do a whole lot of things together. Yeah, they all play together and everything, but to sit and have a project that they can all do together is a little tough. Gracie wants more of a challenge, and Ben, well, he's Ben. 
When it comes to something like this though, they can all do their own thing, and every single one of them is okay with that. Gracie doesn't mind that it's not going to be the prettiest house on the block, and Ben is allowed to lick his fingers as many times as he wants.
At the same time, no one thinks twice about putting the house closer to Hanna's side of the table so she can get nice and close. They're all a team, and they just naturally work together. They're great kids and I'm a lucky momma.  

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