Saturday, December 24, 2016

homemade gifts

Last week, the kids all asked me if they could make some gifts for eachother. It was fun because everyone was at the table together making their crafts, but no one knew who the other was making their craft for. So, they all basically watched the others making a gift for them, but didn't know it which one they'd get. They got such a kick out of that, but even more when it came time to open them! 
Oh my goodness, I couldn't believe the cuteness that went on. Seriously.
They begged me on Christmas Eve to unwrap their gifts from eachother, but I was also in the middle of trying to get everyone showered and ready for church. So, it was a little chaotic, and some kids were opening their gifts in towels, but it was too cute not to photograph.
Benny was the funniest. Every gift he unwrapped, he would say "I wub it {insert name here!}" 
They were all so thankful to receive, and so excited to give. Probably too many photos, but it was too fun!

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