Saturday, December 3, 2016

lions club party

We had the honour of attending the annual Lion's Club Christmas party for the kids again! We look forward to it every year, and it kicks off the holiday season for us. It's one party that is sure to put us in the holiday spirit.

I've met such amazing families through this organization, and we are beyond blessed to part of it.

Matthew Romaine, the puppeteer was the special guest again this year, and my kids acted as if they knew him personally. They all went over and talked to him after his show, and he showed them all of his puppets. 

Of course Santa showed up at the end, and gave each child a gift, and took a photo with them. Where are these photos, you ask? Oh I accidentally deleted them off my card before loading them on the computer!!
{insert pitiful cry here}
I got some good ones this year too. The kids love the puppet show, and really enjoy Santa. Ben was happy to talk to Santa this year, and Hanna literally flew off the edge of her seat when she heard the very first "h" sound of her name called out when it was her turn. 
 None of my kids knew what to ask for this year. Well, Hanna did. When Santa asked what she wanted she excitedly cried out "a raccoon family!!" and surprised poor Santa. He didn't know what the heck she was talking about, but I know she meant Calico Critters. 😁 Too bad they don't make raccoon families anymore. We'll see what kind of magic he can pull off this year. 

Yuli came with me this time. Matt always seems to be working on the weekend of this party, but I'm glad when other people can attend with me because I love for them to enjoy the atmosphere of our little group, and be blessed with the feeling of pure joy watching all of these very special kids. They light up when they see Santa Claus, and they sing and laugh with the entertainment. It's an experience you can only get at a party like this, and we are so thankful to be invited every year.

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