Thursday, December 15, 2016

mom and dad's tree trimming

Tonight was the night to decorate mom and dad's tree!
 Even though there were a few kids under the weather, (almost) everyone was there, aside from Dan and Shay, and like always, even though mom is "trying not to make it a big deal" it was a big deal. :)

 Look at all these messy kids. Some of them sick, and some of them just in from sledding, but (almost) all of them right into decorating the tree. Aside from poor Hailey. She hung her baby ornament, but that was it. She was done for. The next day she was diagnosed with bronchitis. Poor girl
We pretty much let the rest do the whole tree (and fixed it later).
 Hanna was excited to hang her baby ornament. :)

 Little Benny was another not feeling his best. He slept most of the day and night, and finally got there after dinner. Yup, he got some nice antibiotics the next day, too.

 Tinsel's always fun. And messy.😜
 This picture cracks me up. I was totally just trying to get a shot of mom, and just now realized that dad's hand is out, waiting for her to hand him the angel, and she is just totally not even paying attention, because she's more interested in not wanting me to take her picture! Ha!

Always a good night. Mom goes overboard with treats galore, and dad keeps up a roaring fire. These photos aren't the best quality - at all - but they will always be treasured because these are the moments that I never want to forget, and the ones that truly matter. 
I'm so very thankful to have such an amazing, close-knit family. Of course, I have my parents to thank for that. 

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