Monday, December 5, 2016


Rocket disappeared for a couple days. Two nights actually. He didn't show up, and we saw no sign of him in the shed either. 
I was worried about him, but started getting used to the idea that he must've found a new warm spot to sleep for the winter, and he no longer needed our attention and sweet treats. 
Matt left for work at his usual time, and I forgot to leave the big door open for Rocket, just in case. I do this every night, because he does let himself into the storm door, but can't get in the main door unless it's unlatched. Spoiled. I know. I leave it open until I go to bed, and then he's out of luck and is stuck out for the night after that point. Anyhow, when I remembered, it was about 11pm, and I noticed that the storm door had already been opened, so I called him quickly, but really just thought it was a fluke. 
Literally a minute and a half later, the big guy comes waltzing in like he owned the place. He took my pepperoni out of my hand, and went into his kennel. And just like that, he was home. 
He got his marshmellow, cookie, and a quick thumb-sucking, and then he went to sleep. 
The next morning he went straight outside, but stayed close. We went to co-op, and when we got home, he greeted us at the porch. He stayed out with me the entire time while I finished putting up the last of our Christmas lights outside. 
He's a funny little big guy.
Doesn't he kind of resemble a bear? 

Welcome home you spoiled raccoon.

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