Monday, October 31, 2016


Another Halloween came and went, and we survived. 
I will honestly say that Halloween is one of my least favourite days. Ever. 
Ugh. Aside from the excitement of the kids, and the giant bowls of candy I get to steal from, I just don't like the hustle and craziness it brings. We're always last minute. Always. 
And that causes us to rush, usually it's freezing and raining, and I'm always so happy when it's done. 😫

This year we did get lucky, and it was a gorgeous night. 
My dad took out the tractor - one thing that everyone (including me) looks forward to. Going to all of the family's houses on the tractor is so much fun!

This year I had a little pirate, who stayed out the entire time and ran to every single house with his bag and his sword being sure that the candy-giver heard his "thank you" every single time. I also had a cowgirl, who showed the same energy as the pirate, but was a little more wearing of the "scary houses". Then there was Marianne, the fairy (from Strange Magic). She had a hard time getting around in the dark this year and made sure to not let go of my hand unless she was holding her bag open for some "sweet treats!".  My little Indian girl was deemed "Hand-Holder of one of the Littles" for some of the night, but the majority of it she spent running from door to door, as happily as a pig in poo. 
Jim and Crystal and their kids came along, and so did Jocelyn and Miley. It was a great night, and surprisingly very enjoyable and relaxed.  
Here's some (very bad and very few) photos from the night. We are all such a mess! 
Fourteen kids and eight crazy adults.

 And Halloween 2016, that's a wrap!

Friday, October 28, 2016

pumpkin carving

It's become a tradition to carve pumpkins with Tim and Yuli, so of course this year it was on the agenda. 
Matt got some overtime and had to go to work early, so it was just me and the kids this time. 
We decided to do it at their house this year, and the kids just love going there, so it was a treat all around! 

 Hanna still gets completely disgusted with the guts of the pumpkins. She was totally into choosing what she wanted her pumpkin to be look like, but couldn't control the amount of "eeeew's" coming out her mouth. 😝

 From left to right: Hailey, Gracie, Tim, Yuli, Hanna, and Ben.
 They came out to surprise the kids as ninjas before we had to go home.
 I'm thankful for our little traditions.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Hailey's Art

We have a few Mo Willems books that are just hilarious and the kids love them. They'll actually be great books for Hanna to read because the print is so big. 

Hailey had the book in front of her and drew this picture. 
It's very close to being identical to the real illustration. It's Piggie with a broken snout and a concerned squirrel. 

The kid is 5, and draws better than I do. 

Saturday, October 22, 2016


 Our little Hanna Banana turned eight today!
Eight is a big number for such a little girl.
 She's been using turning eight as an advantage to get away with more, and I've been using it against her to get a way with less. 
She's a smart cookie, and when she doesn't act her age, all I have to do is tell her "I thought you just turned eight!" and problem solved. At least temporarily. 
She and Nanny made this cake and she just couldn't wait to light it up, blow it out, and let everyone try her masterpiece. I just love how excited she is in these photos.
 Hailey worked hard making her a picture. She decorated the envelope with a Pikachu and drew a picture of fireworks since she knows Hanna loves both of those things.

 Getting her ears pierced and her set of earrings was her big gift from us, but of course we got her something else to open on her actual birthday. 
While shopping for her present, I was at a loss. The kid has everything. I called home and asked Matt if he had any ideas at all, and he handed the phone to Gracie. She gave me a couple little ideas, and then while talking to her I saw the cutest little doll for the tub. I told Gracie what I was looking at, and she was just so excited and responded with the cutest "awwwwww, I really think she'll love that mum!" So that's what I got. I think Gracie was just as excited for her to open up her simple little doll as she was.
 I think Hanna is ready to be eight. 
And I think eight is ready for Hanna. 
She will put her own spin on it, and I'm sure there will be accomplishments and maybe a few challenges. One thing I know for sure is that I'm looking forward to what this year will bring. She's sure to grow, learn, and become even more Hanna - someone who lights up every room she walks into, and who only has amazing things in store for her. 

Eight will be a great year.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

October birthdays

 Today we celebrated Hanna, Bryanna, and Matt's birthdays. 
Bryanna wanted to have a tea party, so we set up a couple little tables so the kids could have "tea". Hanna and my mom made cookies a few days before, so those were the "crumpets" for the fancy evening. 

 Mom even came decked out in her fanciest tea party gloves and scarf. Ha!

 When it was Hanna's turn for presents, she was just getting over an emotional breakdown about wanting a pup she saw at Canadian Tire (don't ask), so was pretty emotional opening her presents.
 It was also the first time seeing her "Rocket cake" I made for her. 

 Every card she opened was just as good as the last. Her eyes lit up when she heard who the gift was from, and was so sweet with everything.

 Michelle and the kids got her a Rocket beanie boo, which totally surprised her and made her cry. Silly girl!

 She even gave her Kinder Surprise a hug. 
Crazy kid. After this photo I started taking video because she was just way too cute. She told me it was the best birthday ever.
 Next it was Matt's turn in the birthday chair, and naturally, he got more spoiled than he deserves. :)

Another party in the books! Not a fancy one, but everyone was here and there were a lot of laughs and memories made. I'd say that means it was successful.