Friday, January 20, 2017

first sleep over

Well, kind of. 
First sleepover for Hailey and Hanna to a cousin's house. :) They've only had sleepovers at Mom and Dad's. Michelle and the kids are living in the basement apartment at Mom and Dad's so technically they slept at Payton's house. 

They had their bags packed as soon as they woke up, and kept asking all day when it would finally be time to go.  Hanna kept saying "This is going to be amazing!" and "Girl's night!!"  Hailey drew a picture for Payton and made sure I knew that she was "adding hearts so she knows how much I love her". 😍
To say they were excited would be a major understatement. 

Sawyer came to our house to hang out with Gracie.  He's been asking to sleep over for quite a while, so Michelle finally let him.
He loves his video games, so I allowed them to play more than I usually would because it was a treat for both of them. Jurassic Park Lego is a pretty entertaining game anyway.
I think the fact that Sawyer didn't get to sleep until after midnight was enough to make his night. When he saw the clock almost at 12:00am, he excitedly whispered to Gracie: "It's almost morning!!"
Michelle sent me a video during the evening of the girls singing some karaoke, and when it was time for me to pick them up the next day, they couldn't say enough about how much fun they had. 
I don't think they were even ready to come home! 

Sleepover success for everyone! 

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