Sunday, January 29, 2017

heading home

I was ready to go home today. A weekend away is a perfect amount of time. 
I had to pick up a small souvenir for the kids on the way home, so we did a little bit of detouring from our normal route home. We took our time before leaving Gatlinburg. 
We also wanted to see if we could find any of the damage from the forest fires in November. 
 We saw these guys...
 And snapped a photo of the few sleepers in the back seats. 
 It was an uneventful drive home, and we made it back in the evening to pick up all the kiddos.
They were happy to see us, but I'm sure wouldn't have minded if we stayed longer. They love sleeping at their Nanny and Pappy's! 

Thank you Mom and Dad. That was a very memorable gift, to say the least. 
We all appreciated the weekend away with an incredible view!! There's nothing like a gift of memories. 

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