Thursday, January 26, 2017

my view

Remember the amazing Christmas gift my parent's got us? Well, that lovely weekend away starts early tomorrow morning. 
We're leaving around 4:30am, to try to make good time. 

We've never left the kids together before. Matt goes hunting once a year, and I left for a couple days on that cruise 2 years back. 
But we've never gone together. It's somehow different!
It's a little bit nerve-racking for me, even though I know that my parent's are more trustworthy than Matt is to have the kids. 
Ha!  Mostly kidding.

Anyway, I'm enjoying my view tonight. Benny's starting to grow out of sleeping with me. Already. He just figures he should sleep in his big-boy bed now. He's slept in it a few times for about half the night, so I know the day is coming when I'll wake up and find he's still fast asleep in his own bed in the morning. 
I'm assuming leaving him for a couple nights will make the bed switch even easier on him, so tonight, I'll enjoy the snuggles.

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