Monday, January 16, 2017

new room

Our room is slowly starting to come together. 
We can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. It's slow-going with Matt back to work after the holidays, and it's easy to let the house get out of control because everything from these two rooms is now dispersed through every other part of the house. The dining room is now just a big toy mess, and the decent sized working kitchen is now a very tiny eat-in kitchen.  
What used to be a functional hallway is now blocked off with more toys and more "stuff" from the construction zone, and my bedroom is holding the laundry. Dirty and clean.
The couch is now my folding and sorting area.
It could drive me nuts if I let it. 
I see the light!
I didn't even take a "before" picture, but the above shot is of what used to be the playroom. We took out the wall separating that room from the entrance/laundry room to make one big room. We (being Matt and my dad) moved the plumbing over so we could slide the washer and dryer to the far side of the room. Our new furnace will also go over there, and possibly the hot water tank, which are currently in the middle of the house, closed off in a giant closet which makes one side of the hallway. Our plan is to take down said closet to open our living space. 
The other part of the now much bigger room, will be our entrance. A much more welcoming and functional entrance. Something it definitely wasn't before.
We replaced all three windows,  the old insulation, and the paneling was replaced with drywall. 

The kids are going to have less of a "playroom" and more of a "playspace" too. Since there's no longer going to be an actual room, we're planning on just building as many shelves as possible for the countless toys, and a great big toy box for the random stuff to hide in.  
All of this will be build into the little hall that led to the old playroom. That old doorway is now a wall, and it will be a little closed off space that's out of the way of everything. With shelves in there, everything will have a place and it'll be easy to keep tidy. I think it's going to be so much better all around! 
More pictures to come. 

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