Saturday, January 7, 2017

pond skating

We are so lucky to have Nanny's pond next door to skate on all winter! My kids are still getting used to the idea of skating. Gracie goes pretty good. Hanna went a little last year, but this year she's stuck to boots and sliding so far. It's only the first time out after all. Hailey and Benny stuck to boots this time too.
I'm hoping we have a few more opportunities to get out there. As long as we have a decent winter we should have many chances to get out, and when we do, I'm planning on getting them all into skates. 
 He ran onto the ice, and landed straight on his bum!

It was COLD out there. I didn't blame Hanna when she wanted to warm up in the winnie with some hot chocolate. (For most of the time there. 😀) 

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