Thursday, January 12, 2017

reading print

This kid.
Some days are rough for her. Sometimes she just wakes up not willing to do any work at all. Other times, she flies through it with no complaints, with her confidence through the roof. 
Today was one of those days that was like pulling teeth to get her to work. 
At one point she even said "I'm starting to think Hailey's smarter than me." 
That killed me. 
She notices how much easier things are for the girls, and the fact that she notices tells me how smart she is.  
She is so proud when she reads. 
I'm trying to figure out a good system to make reading print easier for her because she needs to feel that pride and confidence every day. 
Not just on her good days. 
She needs a system that can be easier on her neck (so she doesn't have to bend right down to stick her nose to the paper), and possible magnify the words (so she can back away a little, and avoid putting her nose right to the paper).

We've kind of been putting braille on the back burner for a little while so we can focus on her reading and printing, because I see how excited she gets to "read like Gracie". Obviously braille will be a big part of her world, and it's a skill she can be proud to have. She knows her braille letters and some short words, but I think learning braille sentences will be easier with some print sentence experience - if not only for the confidence part of it all. 
If that makes any sense. 

I have an appointment with our local CNIB at the end of the month to see some assistive products that may be available for our girl, so I'll stay posted on the subject. 

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