Tuesday, January 31, 2017

snow day

I didn't let the kids have an actual snow day from school, since they already had Friday off for when we went away. That doesn't mean they didn't get out there as soon as school was done though! 

They all had a blast. Mom had Kristyn's kids still, and all week, so they walked over to the hill and met up with mine so they could get some sledding in. You have to take advantage of the snow when it's here because you never know how long it will last! 

Hanna just rolls down the hill cautiously,  Hailey slides down on her tummy like a penguin, and the rest are nuts. Even little Benny. All the way from the top he goes down, and loves every second of it.

 Yes, I realize I have a lot of photos of certain kids, and not a lot, if any, of others. Some kids naturally gravitate away from the camera.  Not playing favourites, I promise. 

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