Tuesday, February 14, 2017

children's museum

Mom and Hanna worked on an Inuit project for about a month, and part of the plan was to go to the Children's Museum when they finished, to check out the Inuit exhibit there. 
Of course we made an all-day field trip out of it, and invited Kristyn and the kids, and Yuli to come along. 
We started in the dinosaur exhibit.

 After we checked out the caves, and "fossils", we headed to the Where you Live exhibit. This was by-far the kids' favourite.

 Everything was child-sized, including, but not only, a post-office, Valu-Mart, TD Bank and McDonalds.

 Poor Hailey woke up with a stomach bug. It had been passed around a couple kids before it got to her, and it seemed like a very fast-paced and short-lived bug, and she said she felt up to it, so we didn't let it stop us from going. She did get sick in the car a couple times on the way there, and then she felt a little queezy for some of the museum visit. For the most part, she was okay though!

 Next up, was Child Long Ago. We stepped back in time into a one-room school house.

 Hanna couldn't wait to get to the Arctic Discovery. I thought this exhibit was really neat! 


 After Hanna and Mom felt like they covered enough about the Inuits, we headed to the star show in the space exhibit. 
Hanna kept us in stitches during the show. The girl hosting it wanted all of the kids to introduce themselves, and when it was Hanna's turn, she spoke right up to make sure she knew that Nanny was there too. "And this is Nanny!" 
She was just really into it, and just proved to be excited about every single part of the museum experience.
Since the kids loved the little town so much, we headed back there to waste some time before going out for our late lunch/dinner. 
We decided on the Mandarin. Sooooo good! But, since it was Valentine's Day, it was packed, and twice as much money. 
Of course Mom, being the crazy woman she is, treated all of us to dinner. 
It was such a great day! Hanna learned a lot from her and Mom's project, and this was just the icing on the cake. All the kids were so well-behaved, and Hailey even felt well enough to eat dinner. It was just an all-around great day.

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