Friday, February 17, 2017


A girl I know was in a pinch, and needed my help to find her rooster a new home. 
Since we have the ducks, and an extra hutch that used to home the bunny, I told her we could try him out at our house. I'd love to have a rooster crow in the morning! 
We took Speckles in, and the kids instantly loved him. He seemed to get along with the ducks, but it made me nervous because we still weren't sure if the ducks were female or male. 
After doing some research, I found out that there's some serious risks involved if a rooster tries to mate with a duck. So, I kept a close eye on them. 
 I soon realized that the rooster had to go. My ducks are definitely female, and he is definitely putting them at risk. 
I called the girl back up, and we almost immediately found him a new, more appropriate home - a farm with lots of chickens. 
I will miss his morning cock-a-doodling, but he'll be much happier there.  
Sorry buddy, but my ducks come first. 

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