Saturday, February 11, 2017

stunk of skunk

I'm just sitting on the couch enjoying some Heartland in peace and quiet after everyone went to bed, when I hear Kalli outside on the front porch. Since she had been missing for the past half hour, I scolded her as I let her in, and went back to my show. 
 Minutes later, I started smelling something gross, and I hear what was clearly the sound of vomiting from where she was laying. Before I could even get up, she came over, and between the couch and the ottoman my feet were on, she vomited again. 
The. Most. Disgusting. Thing. Ever. 
I've had my share of messes. Puke, poop, puke and poop combined even. But this? This was the worst. 
The dog somehow smelled of skunk, but not until after she threw up. And her throw up? Oh, bones and fur. Yup. 
I'm not sure if she ate the skunk, ate something sprayed by a skunk, or how in the world she  managed any of it, but it was all I could handle that night.
I cleaned up the mess, and the entire house stunk of it. 
It stunk of skunk. 
Maybe it was burned into my nose at this point. I don't know...but the dog went back out. 
I was about to tie her up outside to spend the night out there, when an overwhelming amount of too-close-for-comfort coyote howls and barks began.
Of course I couldn't tie her up with a pack of coyotes close by! 
So, she stayed inside. 
So I sprayed the house down with febreze. Not the result I hoped for, but it made me feel a bit better. I felt like even my eyes burned of bad stench. So, I went to bed. 
Stinky dog, I'll deal with you tomorrow. 

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