Wednesday, February 8, 2017

visit from rocket

During one of my late-night trips outside to lock up the ducks, I shone my flashlight into the shed on the way back to the house. There, right in the doorway, sitting on the covered patio table, was my Rocket! 
I finally got a visit from him! I missed the little guy. 
 Of course I ran back into the house to get a couple cookies. He just waited for me, gobbled them up quickly, and went straight for my thumb.
 He hasn't changed a bit!
 He looks great. He's obviously been eating well. (Probably cat food from here, in the shed.)

  I brought him into the house, just so I could get him a drink. I held him while I grabbed a container of water. He wasn't interested, but wanted to get down, so I brought him back outside. I don't fully trust him anymore, since he's been out in the wild. I don't want to risk him getting loose in the house and not being able to get him out!
 He was full of kisses!
I'm pretty sure he missed me too. 

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