Friday, March 24, 2017

all day pjs

Some days I totally neglect Hailey and Ben because they're not in school. Gracie and Hanna get dressed, and brush their hair, and brush their teeth, do their little chores, and sit at the table for school. 
Hailey is usually already sitting at the table busy with a drawing by the time the girls sit down, and Ben is happy to watch a few cartoons until Hailey's done her drawing and then they both go off and play. I let them do their thing, so I can work with the girls, and sometimes I don't even get the poor kids dressed! 
 Homeschooling is tough! Honestly, I don't know if it's harder that there's only two doing structured work, or if it's going to get harder the more that start! Oh boy.
All I know is that some days are harder than others, and right now we're doing pretty good.
  Gracie's doing great. Above her grade level in math, and is already almost finished her english, grammar and reading comprehension books this year. 
Hanna is doing really great too! She is passing her grade level with flying colours in most math areas, and loves listening to her audio books and being tested afterward. She's doing great! Reading is hard, understandably, and it frustrates both of us. I feel good about what we're doing though, and I'm seeing great progress and I think that's what's most important. 

The weather is giving us good days here and there, and today was one of the good ones. We finished school as fast as we could, and everyone ran outside as soon as we could. Notice that Hailey and Ben are both in pajamas. They stayed like that all day.
Life is good. 
We're all happy and content.
I'll take it. 

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