Saturday, February 25, 2017

dinner at grams

   We have dinner at Gram's house every week, and I don't mention it very often on this old blog. I brought my camera along tonight for a change so I could capture a few photos.
I try to get there before I know she's planning on having dinner ready, so I can help her prepare, but tonight it was frozen pizzas on the menu, so it was easy. She always has freshly baked cookies or ice cream for dessert, which is a nice treat for all of us!
 Ben was being a bit rowdy, and ended up bumping Hailey in the face with his head. I gave her some ice and told her to go hang out in the quiet, and she chose the little pocket of light in the hallway, where Ben joined her to make sure she was okay. "Does it hurt when I do this?" he says. 
After dinner we always just hang out and have a tea or smoothie while the kids watch TV for a while. Gram has satellite, so there are channels that are a major treat for the kids to watch. 

We really look forward to our simple little visits with Gram. I hope she looks forward to them through the week as much as we do. 

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