Monday, March 20, 2017

my baby boy

I had big plans for tonight. The kids were all asleep by 9:30, so I actually got a workout in before 10 for once. I sanded, stripped, and stained the table, and hoped to get a coat of polyurethane on before bed. 
While I waited for the stain to dry I put a load of laundry in, then popped open the laptop to edit some photos with Netflix on in the background. I even had some dark chocolate to snack on! It was nice! 
For about 30 minutes. 
Benny came out of my room, completely broken-hearted because "daddy was sleeping with me and then left me all alone in his room..." 
Matt had to leave for work and the poor little guy wasn't expecting to wake up alone in the middle of the night. Ben came and sat with me, begging me to go to bed. I told him I only would if he let me take his picture. (I didn't get my photo for the day.) So he did. Doesn't he look impressed?
And that was it. The night ended there. At least I got a few things done, but the rest could wait. My baby needed me. 

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