Monday, April 10, 2017

10 years old

I can't believe I am writing this post. 
Gracie turned ten years old today. Ten. 
Double digits.
We got home from co-op today to the dining room all decked out just for Gracie. Balloons (the helium kind), tulips and streamers. 
They made her day. Her year maybe.
 We had a little party for her - just us, when Matt woke up, and he was pretty proud that he made her day with his decorations. 
One by one the girls gave her little cards they made.

 I think she liked our card. Ha!
 She's pretty good on the pogo stick, so we thought we'd get her a brand-spankin' new one. This time for big kids!

 She didn't wait to try it out, even though it looked like rain any second!
 I think she had a good day. 
She deserves it. This kid is my go-to when I need help with just about anything. She steps up a lot, and never complains about any of it. Ever.
She's a nut bar who loves talking. Sometimes she doesn't stop. But it's all good, and it's always entertaining. 
Her brother and sisters look up to her like a second mom, and she knows it. She's so good with every one of them. If Ben asks her to play cars, she plays cars. 
If Hailey asks her to draw, she draws.
If Hanna asks her to be the mom in the dollhouse family, you bet your bottom dollar she's playing mother squirrel in the dollhouse. 
 She's hard on herself, and expects to be perfect at everything she does, so we're working on that. 
This kid though, she's a good one. 
And I'm the lucky one who gets to watch her grow up. 
Gracie Lynn, just slow down a little. Please.

Happy Birthday sweet girl.


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