Friday, April 7, 2017

a michael's party

Gracie got super excited when I told her a few months back that she was allowed to have a birthday party with her friends this year, since she was turning ten. Ten is a big deal, and I wanted her to feel special! 
She's made some pretty close friends at co-op, so she invited them, and of course Bryanna and Makayla.
I decided to try out a party package offered at Michaels. They had a couple different theme options, but together we decided on the "Woodland Creature" theme. Included in the package was four crafts and the room for two hours, but we didn't have the room until 6:00, so we started at McDonald's to give them a little more time to just hangout and eat. Yuli came with me for company since Matt had to stay home with the other kids.
The girls had so much fun just being at McDonald's! They giggled, they played, and it was a treat for all of them I think. They thought they were pretty smart just being able to go back and forth to refill their drinks!
After about an hour we headed just across the parking lot to Michaels to get the party started! 

  I wasn't overly impressed with the crafts and the process involved in making them. There was way too much cutting, and not nearly enough time. The first hour was supposed to be for crafts and the second hour for cake and presents, but the girls did crafts for an hour and 45 minutes and weren't even able to do them all! 
We rushed through cake and barely got it cut in time before the parents came for pickup. 
The girls didn't mind, and they all really enjoyed themselves.

 Gracie got the sweetest cards and thoughtful gifts and the girls were all just so sweet all evening.

 Success! What a good group of girls!
Makayla and Bryanna came back with us for a sleepover, so the party didn't end here. It was such a fun time for the girls and Gracie talked about it for the next 3 days. 
I'm just happy it turned out well and she was happy.

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