Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Sunday

We got lucky this year and had beautiful weather for Easter. It's been such a weird year for weather, so for spring to finally show it's face today was a nice treat. 
We went to church in the morning, and enough time to come home and try out the new bubbles for just a little while before brunch at mom and dad's. 
There's always enough time for bubbles after all. 

 Brunch was amazing. Like always.
My mom had an egg hunt set up for the kids and I got no pictures. Later, we headed to Gram's to pick her up for Easter dinner at Matt's mom's, and I got no pictures there either. 
Dinner was awesome. Like always. 
The kids got a ton of goodies, and once everyone showed signs of extreme sleepiness from two giant meals and a busy day, we headed home. 
I'd say it was a perfect Easter. 

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