Friday, April 14, 2017

Good Friday

Good Friday is the most peaceful day of the year in our house. We always (well, the best we can with kids) do three hours of silence starting at noon til 3:00 pm. The kids just have to do a quiet activity, but no TV, no music, or any unnecessary noise. After that's done I sit with them we do the rosary. This was the first year that everyone could sit through it and help me dedicate each set to someone. My parents did this with me and I'm happy to keep the tradition alive. 
Later on we went to Kristyn and Brian's. They've started a new tradition of having everyone over for fish! They're pros at it now, and it's always so good. We all leave with full stomachs, that's for sure. 
This time it was even more of a treat because they just got ducklings and chicks a few days earlier. Of course we had to love on them a little bit too. :) 

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