Tuesday, April 11, 2017


All three girls had a visit with our optometrist today. 
Gracie went first and we learned that she has an astigmatism, and will probably be needing glasses. She's never liked reading, so I wonder if it's because it's too much work for her. She's good at reading, but would choose not to ever, if she had the choice.  We're scheduling a follow-up to look further and see exactly what to do next. 

Next up was Hailey. She passed the test with flying colours and was told she has 20/20 vision. Good girl!

Hanna was next. He got a good photo of the back of her eyes this time and saw that she has no cataracts, and not much of anything going on. Great news!! 
As far as acuity goes, she's getting better and easier to test now that she has better control of her eyes, and he did an actual acuity test on her today. The same test he used on Gracie on Hailey. 
The test showed that she has a visual acuity of less than 20/400. (Thats the lowest he could check, and she failed it.) 
The fact that some people don't even realize she is visually impaired because she holds her own so well blows my mind because she's not only visually impaired, she is legally blind! (Legally blind is 20/200)
She's doing so, so well, and I think I may be a little hard on her sometimes. Especially with her reading. 
I'm constantly re-evaluating my schooling approach with her, and I know I always will. All I know is that she is a little smarty pants, and capable of anything she wants to do. The most important thing is making sure she wants to do it first. So, learning more and more about those eyes and how she sees things will make it easier for me to come up with ways to make learning fun and successful! 
Even though I was surprised with the numbers in her acuity, I'm glad we know now. It just proves again how amazing this kid is.

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