If you enjoy taking pictures as much as I do, you would probably appreciate a nice camera.

I used to use a Canon PowerShot A1000 point and shoot camera. This was a great camera. It took nice pictures, but I found that after a couple years the display was just a bit "off".
So, it has mostly retired just recently because I upgraded! Now I use it mainly for videos, and it does a great job! :)

Now I use a Canon Rebel T2i with an EF 18-55mm IS lense. 

Every picture turns out beautiful. I really recommend this camera.

Recently I got the EF 50mm f/1.8 II lense, and I love it!
It's probably the most affordable lense you can buy at about $100.

This lense does awesome portraits (which is why I wanted it), but takes great every day pictures as well. This is the lense I use for everything.
It makes pictures look professional, when they're really nowhere near. :)

You should know that this is a prime lens, which means it doesn't zoom at all. You have to move all over to get the right shot, but I think it's totally worth the money.

...just so you know.